Godwin Dzvapatsva

Senior Lecturer

In my collaboration with her in class, I can conclude that Aneeqah is diligent and thrives to do her best all the times paying particular attention to detail. Aneeqah can be a great asset to any organisation.

- Godwin-Head of Curriculum and Learning

Simon Bishop


Aneeqah worked with Tenacious as an intern until she moved on to bigger and better things. She studied the application of human-centric design with us and also worked on refining her javascript skills for both frontend and backend development. She has a lovely quiet energy and is a person of deep principle with whom we would be happy to work with again.

- Simon - CEO of Tenacious Digital

Thapelo Tsotetsi


Aneeqah is one of the best students we have at Lifechoices coding academy. She has great intellectual skills and always submit her work on time. She has great communication skills works well with a team. She has great skill in learning new technologies quickly.

Adam Africa


Aneeqah is a very hardworking and motivated individual. She is decisive yet flexible in her thinking. She will make a phenomenal software developer.

Nasar Kamish


Aneeqah in my opinion pushes herself beyond her limit when it comes to her work.

Byron lee Tinker


Aneeqah is hardworking, persistent and incredibly talented.She's always willing to find out the answers to any problem she's faced with.She never seems to disappoint and always works to the best of her ability.